What to prepare for a family portrait?

Just wanted to share some tips that can help parents with preparing children for a photoshoot! Of course with different age group there are different challenges haha but let's start with the little ones that are toddlers.


Children are Children

Firstly, I just wanted to say that parents, don't feel frustrated or worried with your children not "doing what they're suppose to do".

There are alot of factors that affect children when it comes to photoshoots, so just go with the flow, don't worry! Some children need time to warm up, some don't. Some get overwhelmed by the heat, the strangers, the people.

Here are a few tips that can help!


1. Prepare in advanced

Try not to feel rushed or anxious before a shoot. Prepare some buffer time before the shoot to relax. We want smiles and laughter during the shoot so it's important that everyone is in a pleasant mood.

2. Get the little ones fed and well rested

If possible, schedule the photoshoot during the slot when your child is most "happy". Not during the child's nap time (because they will be grumpy and sleepy), not too quick after (because they are still trying to wake up haha which is quite cute) but not when they're reaching the super hyper stage (if you know what I mean haha).

Also bring snacks like fruits or their favourite biscuits and water to make sure they're not hungry or dehydrated during the shoot.


3. Prepare their favourite toy or activity that is suitable for the shoot

Usually, I will try to bring something bright that helps the child to be engaged. Maybe a stuff toy or a windmill!

But if there is something that the child really likes, like a stuff toy or a ball, that might be helpful. The toy should be something that allows interaction with the parents and not something that the child plays solo with, so a book might also work if the child is older.

Things like bubbles are also something children love to interact with.




4. "Imperfections" are what brings out the sentiment and character of the child

We all want that "all smiling at the camera" shot and while I work hard to get at least 2 shots of that, sometimes allowing the child to be who they are with you is something that you will look back at and appreciate the little quirks of your child.

Like how they get obsessed with leaves, or their independence, or their thoughtfulness or their curiosity. These more documentary type pictures allow for your everyday interactions to be captured and they hold very precious memories too.

5. Have fun and make memories

Ultimately, it's an opportunity for you to make memories with your children so have as much fun as you can. Laugh at the challenges and enjoy your family time in the midst of it!

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