Family Portrait: Leong Family

The Leongs are beloved friends of ours and we've known each other a long way back from schooling times. To document this part of their life was truly a remarkable experience and a gentle reminder on far we've journeyed along! Here're are some of the memories of that Saturday morning as we join the Leongs and their little bundle of joy, Charlotte in our latest family portrait session. We hope you guys enjoy the photographs just as much as us! 

Love, Nicole + Ken

Wedding | Gallery: YC & Raj (Throwback)

Because I kind of stopped blogging for a while and changed websites and stuff I guess there were a lot of shoots that went unblogged. Not sure if people read blogs anymore haha but I'm sure it's a lot easier to see a collection of pictures from a particular wedding day or a shoot this way. So I'll be posting some THROWBACK weddings that were probably shot one or two or even three years back. Hope it helps!