So I thought I’d start blogging again for nicolethen studio.
But seriously where do I start??

I’ve put off telling this part of my journey for so long that when I have to tell it, it’s way too long. So let me try to summarise it.

NICOLETHEN STUDIO has been around since 2009 (I believe). 
I loved my job but then started taking on too much jobs and towards the later part of my photography business, I got sick (autoimmune disease) and burnt out. But I also got married!! And in the last 2 years I decided to venture out and try something new and I joined Love, Bonito as an Artistic Director while picking up one or two photography gigs a month.

In March 2015, I wrapped up my last few weddings and took a sabbatical from NICOLETHEN STUDIO but I was still doing Art Directing at Love, Bonito. Last month, I decided to step down from the role and reignited NICOLETHEN STUDIO and also kick started WUNDER EXPLORE with my husband Ken.

It's been something that we always toyed with the idea for a while and we finally did it!! So now, even though it's called NICOLETHEN STUDIO, it's the two of us. Ken doing the video at a wedding and I doing the photography. The backend stuff of running a business is also the two of us now, which to me is really awesome!! I could not think of a better partner to have.

Let's go!