SimplyFilm #3 | Film with Me

Took a quick trip to Malacca and brought along my Olympus zoom film camera along to take some snaps. This "Film with Me" videos are part of the SimplyFilm series where I just take you along with me on my film photography adventures, simple and no fuss ;)

Who Would I be? | Short Film

Recently I stumbled across this video again and thought I'd share it on the blog. I scripted this little reflection for Love, Bonito and we jetted off to Vietnam to film the different sequences. It was one interesting experience and also one of my first times penning a script for a brand instead of just for myself. Hope you enjoy it!


If I could start afresh,
Who would I be?

I would pursue curiosity
without shyness nor fear.
Learn the story of the lady down the street,
Try an exotic flavour,
Marvel at nature.
That's who I'll be.

I would love with no fear,
cherish each connection
and embrace with no restraints
and love from an abundance.

I would seize the chance to stand still,
and experience fully each second of my days.
To not just live but be alive
and remind my soul to breath.

The strength to be meek,
the grace to accept,
the fight through struggles,
the joyous resounds.

Every new day,
the morning dew,
the glow of dawn,
a choice, a gift, a new song.

Who would I be?
I would be me.
That's who I'll be.
So, be free.

7 mins with Cindy | Maternity Portraits

The little bundle is out!!! So I thought it was apt to share this little collection of photographs I made with Cindy.


Thank God we managed to find time in between our meetings at Love, Bonito to sneak in a quick photoshoot just about a week or so before the little one came into the world 😉🎉  


It was a really quick shoot and a simple one, I found a wall with beautiful lighting in the office (which is now occupied by the showroom) and snapped away. So happy we took that 7 mins to capture this moment, and what felt like a few days later little Lee sees the world with his gorgeous bright eyes 😍