Our Story

Time flies and this year (2015) the very first wedding couple I photographed is celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary! I graduated from Information Systems at SMU but quickly upon graduation took a leap of faith and took a gap year of sorts (despite my parent's worries).

One thing led to another and I found out that being a photographer could actually be a job that I enjoyed doing. WHAT!! *MIND BLOWN*

Fast forward 5 years, God opened the doors for Ken to join me at Nicolethen Studio, throughout my journey he has been an un-official member of the team, constantly being my support and sharing the same creative and artistic views, I've always wished we could work together more.

This year, as we mark our second year as husband and wife, and also mark the beginning of our adventure together in life and in our passions at Nicolethen Studio & Wunder Explore.

And that's the short story. Haha
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